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MSA Data Analytics have a track record of providing  contractors to industry, able to provide contract resource to support project work or cover interim skills gaps.


Why recruit a Data Analytics Contactor?

  • Project support;  Contractors can be deployed into business to support specific project work where in-house skills may not be available or needed in the longer term. Contractors can be supplied to an organisation quickly avoiding lengthy interview processes and due to subject matter expertise integrate into business effortlessly allowing faster project delivery.
  • Staff shortages; Contractors can be an excellent solution to cover missing staff, a spike in work load or coverage during an organisational re-structure or simply to keep up with the rate of new technology.
  • Onboarding; Contactors can be an excellent choice if you’re looking to onboard new technology, implement new systems or transfer knowledge to existing staff members – often proving a more cost-effective service than a software vendor or training provider.
  • Cost Effective & Flexibility; Contractors may pay more per hour to hire a contractor, but you likely won’t pay as much as you would for an employee. With a contractor you don’t have to pay taxes, social security, or benefits. Depending on the service needed, most contractors usually have their own licenses and certifications. These are things that you might have to pay for if you were to hire an employee. 
  • During the recruitment process there are no upfront fees applicable, moreover an employer only pays a contractor to do a specific job over a specific amount of time that means there is no wastage of budget. 

MSA Data Analytics have experience of recruiting single analysts /developers or complete project teams.


Do have a critical project that requires immediate resource, or need cover for a long term absence? 

Contact our contract desk to discuss contract solutions and candidate availability; +44 (0)121 752 5100

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